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About IGK AG / Germany Holding Group

Credit risk management. Russia, Baltic States, Eastern Europe.

IGK AG subsidiaries operate in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia
  • in Moscow, St-Petersburg, Samara, Tambov, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Perm.

IGK AG Holding Group includes also two insurance broker companies:
IGK Broker (EU) and ИГК Страховой брокер (Russia) /IGK Insurance Broker/ – the first and the only specialized broker for debt liabilities insurance in Russia.

Thanks to the global international partnership network that includes 146 partners in 183 countries, IGK Group provides services around the world .
Such a large-scale partnership network is not arranged by any other market player who is able to provide full range of credit management services in regions of Eastern Europe, Baltic States and CIS countries.

IGK Network

The IGK brand has proven itself in the markets of Western Europe, Asia, the USA. In Baltic and CIS countries the IGK brand has been known since 1992. Over the years, extensive experience has been accumulated, as well as there have been developed and implemented own know-how in the fields of credit risk management, companies’ creditworthiness/solvency assessment and debt collection.

Portfolio of IGK group companies includes classic set of credit management tools, which allow entrepreneurs to minimize risks and to avoid unplanned losses:
Trade credit insurance
Information on Buyer creditworthiness (express reports, credit reports, rating reports)
Debt collection in countries of CIS, Baltic and Central Europe
Monitoring of changes in general information on companies
Marketing service

IGK AG cooperates with world top companies in the field of credit risk insurance, such as
Atradius, Euler Hermes, Credimundi Group, Sinosure, K-Sure and many others.
Observer Membership

Russo-British Chamber of Commerce

Russian-German Chamber of Commerce

the Russian Asian Union
of Industrialists and Enterpreneurs

Professional forum assembling Commercial & Non-commercial Risks Insurers & Reinsurers in North Africa and Middle East
IGK Group
Credit Risk Management  
EOS Group
Leading international service providers in receivables management
FAROSOL - International Association of Insurance Brokers FENCA - Federation of European National Collection Associations Intrum justitia - Leading credit management services provider
International Association of Insurance Brokers
Federation of European National Collection Associations
Intrum Justitia
Leading credit management services provider

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