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IGK-Multistat is an Internet portal providing online services of verification and assessment of creditworthiness of companies

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IGK Online Portal.
Verification and assessment of creditworthiness of companies
in the Russian Federation

IGK Online Portal is designed for companies
and private persons who need to be confident
in the creditworthiness of their customers


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(Reg.num/OGRN: 312500720000032) Individualniy predprinimatel Karapetyan Gevorg YUrikovich (Reg.num/OGRN: 1156952020587) OOO CHOO "R-1 TVERY" (Reg.num/OGRN: 1160327052588) OOO "MTS "DEMETRА" (Reg.num/OGRN: 1027402321792) OOO "Аvto Liga" (Reg.num/OGRN: 1035204885979) OOO "DELYTА-KАPITАL" (Reg.num/OGRN: 1172375101271) OOO "METАLL-SNАB" (Reg.num/OGRN: 1020300976508) MINSPORT RB (Reg.num/OGRN: 1167746215933) OOO "GTS" (Reg.num/OGRN: 5087746393466) OOO "SOPROMАT" FIRMА "PODVODGАZENERGOSERVIS" (Reg.num/OGRN: 1197847140028) OOO "OKB 079" (Reg.num/OGRN: 1120327014422) OOO CHOO "PАTRIOT" (Reg.num/OGRN: 1127746388043) OOO "MEGАHOLOD" (Reg.num/OGRN: 1020300967257) GKU MINFIN BURYATII (Reg.num/OGRN: 1157847109199) OOO "RUSVOLYT" (Reg.num/OGRN: 1063459055582) OOO "MАSHTEHSNАB" (Reg.num/OGRN: 1072312013300) OOO "KUBАN - PROMHOLOD" (Reg.num/OGRN: 1147746274444) OOO "DZHАMBO" (Reg.num/OGRN: 1117746521452) PRED АO "ROSOBORONEKSPORT" v Respublike Bashkortostan (Reg.num/OGRN: 319237500040583) Individualniy predprinimatel АRINАRHOV NIKITА VАLERYEVICH

            IGK Online Portal offers you to get fast:
  •   express report on a company of interest:
  - verify registration information
  - assess financial results
  - make a decision on further cooperation with a company
             Express-report contains:
  • all official information on companies, available in the database of the Federal State Statistics Board , including financial data, and additional information from the State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL / USRLE) with regular update
  • negative information from the bankruptcy database (information on bankruptcy procedures and external management)
  • IGK credit opinion : credit rating and credit limit
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