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RiskStop report

The Portal is an effective tool for the analysis of the solvency of the company
in real time

Contains non-payment records registered on the portal.
RiskStop - is an international portal, designed to reduce the risk of defaults in B2B commerce. Sharing information with the other participants of RiskStop you make your business more secure and can accelerate the payments both at the local market and abroad.
Registration on the portal RiskStop is
an additional instrument of the influence
on the debtor while collecting the debt
In many cases You receive the payment of a debt almost the same moment
after the debtor receives its notice about registration on the RiskStop portal.


RiskStop report contains the following information
  • Company name
  • Registration Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Total claim sum (range)
  • Type of activity (creditor)
  • Date of Registration in RiskStop database
  • Status (paid, unpaid)
  • Payment Date
  • RiskStop number
Search company based on the following parameters
  • Registration Number
  • Company name
  • Address (country, region, city, street, house, index)
  • E-mail address
  • Name of the individual (management, founders) *
  • Identification number of individual (management, founders) *
* Temporarily not available for all countries

RiskStop Report sample

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